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Issue #42

THE LEADERS POST - Issue #42 - May 18, 2000

By: Doug Towes, Editor

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- Will the Internet lead to the demise of agents?
- Effective web presence
- Two New House and Home Page Sites
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Net Success

Recently there has been several articles and stories written
predicting the internet will lead to the demise of "middle men"
like stock brokers, travel agents, and real estate agents. The
writers of those articles obviously know nothing about real

A National Association of Realtors Survey has once again
confirmed that buyers do not buy advertised properties - even
those advertised online. The survey found that while almost 40%
of home buyers used the internet to shop for a home only 4%
bought a home they found advertised on the internet.

As any real estate agent knows this holds true for all types of
advertising. Agents use property advertising to find buyers who
they will then qualify for what they really need and go and sell
them something else. This holds true for internet advertising as
well. People buy up from an ad and down from a sign - that is
why the MLS System works and why agents will never be replaced.

The results of this survey seems to have caught some by
surprise - leading to some musings about the future of these
large online listing aggregators.

I was using the internet to generate real estate transactions
long before there was such a thing as or or
any property listing sites for that matter. Some predicted that
once these large listing sites came online the end was near for
individual agent's web sites but nothing could be further from
the truth!

Those 40% of home buyers who admitted to using the internet to
shop for a home were also shopping for an agent - just like they
do in "real life". The NAR survey also found that 75% of those
surveyed say that it is important for their agent to be
"internet savvy" and 87% of internet shoppers are more likely to
use a real estate professional compared to 76% of offline buyers.

Where do these buyers shop for agents? Not at the large listing
sites where they go to browse properties but by visiting
individual agent web sites. (See "You CAN compete with" - and the
followup at )

A good example of a proven effective web presence system for
real estate agents can be found at Web Sites For Realtor

This system is effective because it was developed by first
having an understanding of how real estate sales work and how
the internet works - and then acquiring the technical know how
and programs to put it all together.

Virtually all other web site designers and promotional systems
for real estate agents are developed by individuals and
companies that possessed some technical know how first but lack
the understanding of a)how real estate sales are generated on
the internet and b)what has to be done in order to make the web
site effective.

These companies think "We have the tools - how can we sell them
to real estate agents?" We already knew how to generate the
sales on the net and what had to be done to make the web
presence successful - and then looked for the necessary tools to
be able to share the program with other real estate agents.

The House and Home Real Estate Page web presence system come as
a turnkey package and is continuously updated to conform to the
changing criteria required by search engines - so you can sleep
nights and concentrate on selling real estate! Check it out at

* Only ONE agent per market area is eligible for this total web
presence and promotion service! If you are considering
marketing your services on the Internet, why not have the #1
web presence in your area?

Hurry! Before someone else takes this opportunity in your area!


What works for you? Your suggestions and submissions are
gratefully accepted, and if used you will receive credit along
with a link to your web site or (e mail address if you don't
have a web site yet.)


Paul Conti of San Jose California likes the House and Home Real
Estate Page Program so much that he is covering 6 different
marketing areas! Paul has enjoyed much success on the internet
and also in other areas of his real estate career.

Paul writes...

"The first of this year we started the new year faced with
a market that could of made our income drop.

There was under 600 homes on the market and 4,000 buyers
with 8,000 Realtors trying to sell a home. We had 10 and
sometimes 15 offers with prices being over bid as high as
$100,000. The population of our area is about 1.5 million.

Now, if you were in my market place, how many homes would you
be able to sell?

We sold 8 in 90 days during this time. And we spent 3 out
of 7 days at our beach house. The sales were directly related to
our Internet marketing. Does the internet work for us? You
tell me!

I personally feel that we are 2 or more years ahead of 95% of
the Realtor sales associates out there.

The average sales price was $661,000 = $138,000 in commissions.
Not bad for a tight market, thanks to the power of the internet."

Happenings At

Tip Of The Day

"Enjoy life ... This is not a rehearsal."

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